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Art is in my blood. Both of my parents were incredibly creative and they passed on that ability to me.
Without trying to sound too cliche, I've been drawing ever since I was able to hold a pencil. And drawing
has been a lifelong learning experience. Just like an old dog, I still learn new tricks ever day. And I enjoy
every minute of it.

When I draw a portrait of someone, I do tend to focus on the eyes. I believe that the eyes are the windows
of the soul, and if you do not capture that in the drawing, then the drawing is a failure. You do not capture
the true essence of the subject. If you do, then you have succeeded and anyone who views the piece will
immediately recognize it. And it will seem as if you have captured not just an image of the individual, but
also a moment in time.

Another thing I focus on, is trying to create a 3D effect in my drawings. When I draw a subject, I try to think
that I am not just drawing the subject to create a 2 dimensional object, but I think of trying to sculpt the
subject onto the page, making the viewer think they can look behind the subject.

I truly love my work. I think of it as a labor of love. Each drawing seems almost like I am raising a child.
And it brings me so much joy to watch each piece grow and mature as they develop on my drawing table.
Each piece has it's own individual personality, and hopefully it is the subject. And I only hope that people
who view my work see that as well.

Jennifer Mercer