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The INCREDIBLE Artwork of
Armin Mersmann
You guys have GOT to check him out!
Artists I greatly admire.
I have learned so much from these incredible people
I appreciate all their help
Great websites to chat with fellow artists!
Check them out for tips tricks, and getting your work critiqued
The STUNNING work of
Luca Tedde
(site is in Italian)
He PAINTS with graphite! Beautiful
technique and style!!
The AMAZING Artwork of
Paul Lung
Or you can visit him here.
His cats are incredible!! So is
everything else!!!
The AWESOME Artwork of
Brian Duey
He's got some awesome tutorials in
his sites! Check him out!!
The BEAUTIFUL Artwork of
Étienne Brûlé
His portraits are uncanny!! Such
incredible dedication to detail and
Blackened Wing: Gothic
Angel Art by
Carter Bowles
Awesome digital artist with some
great tutorials!
Other links to check out!!
Platte Productions Publishing

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Hardcover with Dustjacket - $46.95

Collectors Edition Hardcover with Imagewrap - $49.95
(printing is done directly on the cover with no dust jacket)