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Prices are listed below

Please contact me for any additional questions or inquiries.

SIZE                              PRICE
2.5"x3.5" (black and white)     $30

2.5"x3.5" (color)                       $45

9" x 12"                                      $400

11" x 14"                                    $500

14" x 17"                                    $600

18" x 24"                                    $750
The sketch card prices are for single character with a plain background. The more complex the card, the
higher the price. The color pieces are done in Prismacolor pencils. I currently do not do ink and marker
pieces, but will be in the future. Please check back.

These prices are for a single head portrait with a plain background. Any additional details will be an additional
cost. The same applies for anything larger than an 18" x 24" drawing. If you would like the piece matted, it will
be an additional cost as well.

When ordering a portrait, please contact me. I will be able to assist you in selecting a good reference
photograph. It is much better to choose a photograph that is clear, and large enough to see details. If it is in
digital format, it would be best if it was at least 300dpi. If at all possible, please do not edit the original image. I
have software that will allow me to edit it so that it will be best for me to get as much detail as possible. I will
also be able to help you select a photograph that will translate into a dramatic piece that you will be proud of.

When ordering portraits as gifts, please allow ample time for me to complete the piece. The absolute worst
time to order a portrait to be given as a Christmas gift is on the day after Thanksgiving! So please allow a
minimum of 6-8 weeks after I receive the reference photograph, for delivery. I am known to spend at least a
minimum of 100 hours per portrait! But I really enjoy it! And I hope you will enjoy the final product!

I take a great amount of pride in my work. And I do not take any shortcuts. I will not compromise the quality of
my work in an effort to get it done quickly. I want to make sure that my client is more than satisfied. And I want
to make sure that I am satisfied as well. I am indeed my own worst critic! I hold my work up to a very high
standard. And I am sure you will be pleased.